Planning For Today, While Preparing For Tomorrow

Planning For Today, While Preparing for tomorrow

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Helping Families Plan Their Financial Lives Since 1999

AGAPE Planning Partners is a boutique wealth management firm focused on helping you navigate the financial maze of life. We were founded with the primary goal of assisting you in all aspects of your financial life. Through advice built on knowledge and experience (rather than speculation), it is our goal to help preserve financial independence for you and those you love.

“When it comes to planning your financial future, figuring out the HOW is simple. Understanding the WHY is what takes time. We are here for the long run. Your goals are unique to you. We will tailor our services specifically to your needs.

— Nathaniel L. Moore, CFP®




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Areas of Practice

Financial planning

The more you are able to understand and manage your wealth, the more prepared you are to achieve your goals and dreams. But managing your financial future is a complex process that involves careful consideration of your short- and long-term goals. Whether hourly or flat-fee-for-service, our financial planning service can become a valuable tool to help you pursue your financial goals, both large and small.

Employee Benefits

You work hard to find and retain dedicated employees. Allow us to help you design an employee benefit suite, striving to help acknowledge and keep those key employees.

Investment services

A sound investment strategy can help you in the pursuit of financial independence. To be truly effective, an investment strategy should be customized to you and your unique situation. We will work to build a strategy designed just for you, keeping your specific financial situation and goals in mind. We utilize a variety of investment accounts to work toward accomplish this goal.

estate Planning

We work closely with your attorney and accountant to ensure your estate planning documents are up-to-date and reflect your current planning needs. We can introduce you to attorneys and/or accountants in your community if needed.

insurance Planning

When it comes to protecting the people and things that are most important to you, a thorough insurance strategy shouldn’t be overlooked. Whether life insurance, long term care, disability, health, property and casualty, or liability insurance, we can help you. As an independent firm, we have the ability to focus on you and tailor your to your specific insurance needs without being limited to a particular insurance company.

Legacy Planning

You spend your entire life accumulating your wealth. Through in-depth conversation and planning, we can help you create a plan to transfer your assets in a way in which your legacy may be remembered for generations to come.


Wealth consists not in having great possessions, but in having few wants.
— Epictetus


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