We are in the midst of an intense battle. It is a battle for the minds and lives of our youth. We need men willing to stand up and fight for the next generation. We need men who have been equipped for this battle.

The good news is this:

There are tools available

One of those tools is Hume Lake Christian Camps. For the past 7 years I have been taking my children to Hume Lake Christian Camp. Whether it’s a day trip to have lunch and a milk shake or an afternoon swimming in the lake, we always have a great time. That being said, our greatest memories have come from the weekends we have spent at the Hume Lake Father/Son Adventure Camp and the Father/Daughter Retreat.

Each year, we look forward to spending the weekend eating a ton of food, playing lots of fun games, listening to great speakers, and meeting other father/sons/daughters from all around the country. Through these retreats, I have been provided with invaluable tools and resources that have helped me on my journey to be the best father I can be. It is my heart’s to provide this same opportunity to others.

While HLCC makes an effort to keep the costs of their camps/retreats at an affordable level, there is still a cost associated with it. The average cost is between $200-$250 This is a great value for what you get…but is often a barrier/hurdle for men who would like to experience this place with their children. I am not affiliated with HLCC, and this scholarship drive is not sponsored by them. I am just a dad who wants to help other dads, but I can’t do it alone. This is where you come in.

25 Scholarships


We would like to provide 25 scholarships to attend one of Hume Lake’s 2019 Father retreats. Some will be full scholarships (approx. 10), while the rest will be partial scholarships. Anyone can apply for a scholarship. It is not based on location, ethnicity, nor income. We want applicants who are serious about being the best father they can be. The only way we will be able to fund this is through the generosity of you, our community. Any gift will help. Based on our rough calculations, this will cost approx. $8000. Perhaps you can sponsor a person ($250), or perhaps you can sponsor a father/daughter team ($500). Perhaps you can give $25 dollars. All of it will make a difference.

I realize this is a busy time of year both financially and physically. At the same time we also realize that distractions, parental frustrations, an empty relationships do not take a break. So…are you willing to come alongside us and help make a difference in the lives of our neighbors, co-workers, relatives, and anyone who may be a recipient of the scholarship???





What Will Happen To The Donations

We’ve created a committee of devoted fathers to receive and review all applications. These men are active in their communities and active in the lives of their children. The committee is comprised of Michael McIntyre, Shawn Wills, and Bryan Shaw. They will independently evaluate each scholarship application and award the funds accordingly. They will also be given an account of all funds received and all funds dispersed. Under IRS guidelines, donations are not tax deductible due to our input/decision of the recipients

How can I apply for a Scholarship

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