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Company History

Our company history

At AGAPE Planning Partners, we are focused on providing comprehensive advice without wavering from sound principles.  Our goal is to remain small in size, yet large in service. We want to know each and every client by name and voice without skipping a beat. 

Mr. Nathaniel Moore began his financial services career right out of college with Prudential Financial Planning Services.  At Prudential, his services consisted of fee-based financial planning, fee-based asset management (investment planning), and comprehensive insurance services.  In 2001 he began his studies to obtain the prestigious CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ designation, and obtained it in 2002 after passing an exam that took 2 days to complete.  Mr. Moore was grateful for all that he learned while working with Prudential Financial.   In July 2008, Mr. Moore made the decision to leave Prudential to start Nathaniel Moore and Associates.   Nathaniel Moore and Associates afforded Mr. Moore the opportunity to provide comprehensive financial services without restriction of company and product selection.   

Every facet of our day-to-day lives involves financial transactions and exchanges.  This is true whether we are providing for our food, shelter, clothing, insurance, or future retirement needs.  With “money” being such a crucial part of our very being, little is taught about this important subject.  Some of the most fundamentals tenants of money management have been rooted in our civilization for thousands of years. Respectfully stated, many people have different religious views.  Some have no views at all.  We make it a point to respect each person's right to choose their faith walk.  That being said, many of the rules that govern our country and our money guidelines can found rooted in biblical principals.  This includes our current judicial system, financial systems, our rules regarding debt and credit.  There are over 2000 verses in the Christian bible regarding finances, more than any other subject discussed, including heaven and hell.  That being said, many financial mistakes have been made due to a lack of understanding of these stewardship principles.  This is where AGAPE Planning Partners found its roots.

Mr. Moore has lived his adult life based on his Christian beliefs…however…he missed several important rules and steps with regards to stewardship.  Although he was extremely blessed in his personal life accompanied by professional success, the lack of these stewardship principles allowed this “success” to be tested and challenged.  A failed fitness franchise and a collapsed high-end real estate development partnership almost lead to complete financial ruin.  Once Mr. Moore came to this realization, he decided that the only way to get things back on track was to give everything back to the Lord.  The first thing he decided to give over was his business.  It was at this point that Nathaniel Moore and Associates was changed and transformed to AGAPE Planning Partners.  AGAPE means “pure love, or unconditional love”.  When dealing with our finances, most of the decisions we make are not for us, but for those that we love and care about, including our immediate families and children.  It is this Agape love that ensures people use sound stewardship principles when making financial decisions.  This encapsulates the focus, passion, and mission of AGAPE Planning Partners. 

At AGAPE Planning Partners, We assist people with investment services, estate planning, retirement planning, business planning, employee benefits, and comprehensive insurance planning.  Our diversity has allowed us to work with clients in Washington, California, Nevada, Colorado, and Texas.  Nathaniel Moore is the principle Financial Consultant.  We work with countless other advisors throughout the United States to effectively service our client needs.  Mr. Moore is married to his lovely bride Deseray.  They have 3 children and 3 grandchildren. They also have a Doberman they rescued named Diamond.  He has called Fresno his home since 1994.